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get Referrals
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others can’t

Talented people respond to friends


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Referrals from former colleagues reduce poor candidates


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No secretive solicitations from strangers



Information technology and technology-adjacent professionals

Free to post jobs and review candidates. Pay when you hire.

Referral fee is a percentage of salary


Don’t large staffing firms have the biggest databases?
Large databases don’t help anymore. Being able to reach people does. Everyone now has access to all of LinkedIn, Dice, Careerbuilder, etc. Being able to get in touch with the right person is what matters.
Won’t people be biased in their referrals if they’re getting paid for them?

Yes. Pay creates bias. So does performance pressure. So does naivety. As a recruiter you’re subject to all of those. Referral bias is better than the bias of conventional recruitment for two reasons:

  • A recruiter has the added bias of a quota, or their livelihood. 
  • Referral bias is offset by previous work experience with the candidate and more technical insight into the work. Without first-hand experience, recruiters are more easily compelled by candidates who are not a fit, or who have a bad track record. 
How do you vet candidates?

We use the same filters. Tests, pre-screening interviews, etc. The difference is what we are filtering to start with. Peer-referred candidates have a strong tendency to be of higher quality than random databases-sourced candidates. Think of candidate screening like air filtration. We use the same filters, but process far less smoke and toxins. The outcome is cleaner air. 

Are your services more expensive?

Our referral service costs are similar to traditional staffing firms.

Do I have to pay anything up front?

You only pay if you hire one of our referrals,

Can we see if you have any candidates that we like before posting a job?

Our community will not make referrals to open position that are fully approved and live. Tech candidates are not a durable inventory. Their skills, lives and work interests change fast. We are committed to meeting them with the complete, relevant details at the right time.  

What skill sets can you refer?

Information technology and technology adjacent means all professionals who do the direct technical work like software development, data architecture, and systems engineering, along with those who work directly adjacent to technical professionals such as product managers, business analysts, scrum masters, data analysts, user support, etc.

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