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Recruitment firms charge large fees to hire tech people. We sign those deals, but we don’t use recruiters. Instead, you refer the right person and share in the win.


Create a Profile

Tell us who you are so we know you’re a real technical professional.


Suggest a Job

Read our weekly email or check the job board for jobs that currently need filled.

Then if you know someone who is a good fit, you simply share the post with them, or send their resume.


Get Paid

When a person you refer gets hired, we’ll arrange payment details with you.

Payouts range from $4-8K. Most are paid over a few months.

Recless Rules

You Can Refer Yourself

You recommend your friend or yourself to one of the open positions.

Think of the $4-8K as a sign-on bonus from us to you.

Don’t be a Spammer

We want more relevance in connecting people to jobs, not more noise. 
We’re interested in people you know, not piles of resumes.

First Come, First Serve

The same candidate might be recommended first by a different Recless Connecter.

They’ll get the payout fee, not you.

Start Sharing Jobs

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