Michael Martin is an experienced healthcare technology professional with over 20 years of industry expertise. He has worked with hundreds of customers, helping organizations transition from traditional development practices to modern values, tools, and processes.

In 2014, Michael founded digital2DNA Software, a product company focusing on complex product integrations. Michael has helped hundreds of customers to create complex integrations and innovative product solutions.

Currently, he serves as the Chief Product Officer, leading the development of ONFHIR.com, a healthcare Solutions platform built on FHIR  standards to empower healthcare leaders to deliver innovative solutions in days.

Michael’s extensive product consulting and building experience has enabled him to create ready-made solutions to solve recurring technical problems at the speed of innovation. In addition, he is passionate about fostering a culture of technical excellence and transparency. He believes that his new product will increase the healthcare innovation rate and allow care providers to spend much more time providing care.

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