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Episode 17 featuring Max Aulakh

CEO at Ignyte Assurance Platform

Guest Bio

Max Aulakh is a Data Security and Compliance leader delivering DoD-tested security strategies and compliance that safeguard mission-critical IT operations. Trained and excelled in The United States Air Force, Max maintained, and tested the InfoSec and ComSec functions of network hardware, software, and IT infrastructure for global unclassified and classified networks. He also provided short notice, rapid-response Security and Linguistics capabilities that were deployed to any part of the world. Max learned how to build strategic relationships working directly with Turkish, Afghani, and Iraqi Army units in the Middle East.

After leaving the USAF, he drove the Information Assurance (IA) programs for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). As the Senior Consultant for a major Defense contracting firm, Max led a team of consultants that helped datacenters successfully pass Air Force Level Security audits for HIPAA, SOX & FISMA Regulatory requirements. Now, he leads an award-winning cybersecurity firm, MAFAZO, that delivers Cyber Defense and Regulatory compliance to Defense, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industries through our flagship product Tryump.

Episode 16 featuring Armando Monzon

Director of Software Development at ONEIL

Guest Bio

Armando Monzon is the Director of Software Development at ONEIL. Armando is responsible for the technical execution of Commercial, Aerospace, and Defense Business Unit software products and technology solutions. Armando also directs Research and Development projects of emerging technologies sponsored by the Robert J. Heilman fellowship at Wright State University.

Armando has more than 20 years of deep and broad experience in software engineering, business system integration engineering, very large database architecture, and global software project and product management.

Armando graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and soon joined ONEIL as a Publications Specialist in ONEIL’s newly formed Technology Group. During his time at ONEIL, Mr. Monzon has been promoted to Database Engineer, Lead Database Engineer, and Commercial Software Development Manager. During his tenure at ONEIL, Mr. Monzon and his team have matured ONEIL’s technology offerings from ad-hoc publishing and custom web solutions to architecting a robust framework called ONeSOURCE. ONeSOURCE is the foundation for a suite of configurable products and SaaS solutions that are used to develop and deliver accessible and useful product support information to a global audience.

Armando is an advisory board member for the ONEIL Center for Research Communication at Wright State University.

Episode 15 featuring Matthew Hail

CTO at enosix

Guest Bio

Matthew Hail is the Chief Technology Officer at enosix, a tech company that specializes in real-time data virtualization between SAP ERP and front-end systems of engagement such as Saleforce, ServiceNow & more. As an IT professional he has been leading the design, architecture and development of numerous custom applications and services. His development and implementation experience encompasses mobile, web, and back-end solutions. The majority of his work has been in the integration and creation of custom mobile and web applications. He strives to employ and promote the best software development technologies and agile practices.

Episode 14 featuring Tsavo Knott

Co-Founder & CEO at Pieces

Guest Bio

Tsavo is the Technical Co-Founder and CEO of Pieces, the world’s first AI Native Micro-Repository for File Fragments. Pieces unlocks the ability for professional creators to save, search, share, reference, and reuse smaller, more granular resources with automatic material enrichment and context awareness. The company’s first product, Pieces for Developers, aims to dramatically improve developer productivity and is fine-tuned for technical workflows by including contextual metadata, related people, code snippets, scratch files, documentation, screenshots, related links, and more.

Episode 13 featuring Ayman Salem

CEO of MRL Materials Resources LLC

Guest Bio

Dr. Ayman Salem (PI) is the President of MRL Materials Resources LLC. He has earned his Ph.D. (2002) in Materials Science and Engineering from Drexel University. He recently led MRL through an awarded $72M contract from the United States Air Force Research Laboratory for the research and development and assessment of new alloys and metallic materials-processing technologies for aerospace applications. He is also the principal investigator of a team of 5 companies through a $6.5M Office on Naval Research Quality Made contract for the delivery of an additive manufacturing machine and a software property prediction in steel alloys. He founded MRL in 2009 and shepherded it through the end of 2008 financial crisis and the 2019 COVID pandemic with a healthy growth from one scientist to a 40+ scientist, engineer, and technicians with more than $85M of active DoD, DOE, and NASA contracts and commercial services with for various aerospace companies. He is specialized in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering, Materials Data Science, material characterization and quantification, and novel deformation processes.

Episode 12 featuring Michael Martin

CPO at digital2DNA

Guest Bio

Michael Martin is an experienced healthcare technology professional with over 20 years of industry expertise. He has worked with hundreds of customers, helping organizations transition from traditional development practices to modern values, tools, and processes. In 2014, Michael founded digital2DNA Software, a product company focusing on complex product integrations. Michael has helped hundreds of customers to create complex integrations and innovative product solutions. Currently, he serves as the Chief Product Officer, leading the development of, a healthcare Solutions platform built on FHIR standards to empower healthcare leaders to deliver innovative solutions in days. Michael’s extensive product consulting and building experience has enabled him to create ready-made solutions to solve recurring technical problems at the speed of innovation. In addition, he is passionate about fostering a culture of technical excellence and transparency. He believes that his new product will increase the healthcare innovation rate and allow care providers to spend much more time providing care.

Episode 11 featuring Jonathan Rike

CIO at the City of Dayton

Guest Bio

Jon Rike is the Chief Information Officer at the City of Dayton. As Chief Information Officer, Jon is responsible for leading the management of IT systems and solutions supporting internal operations and customer services. These include cloud services, virtual/physical servers, enterprise data storage, networking, cybersecurity, application management, desktop programming, service desk, and document management. He provides team leadership to approximately 35 IT professionals serving 16 City departments including public safety and the City-owned Dayton International Airport. Jon began his City service with 18 years of IT management experience, including leadership positions with Vartek Services, Montgomery County, and the University of Dayton. He earned an MBA and B.S. in Management Information Systems at the University of Dayton. When he’s not at work Jon enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Jojo and his three children Zoey, Charlie, and Olivia.

Episode 10 featuring Ryan Frederick & Sheri Chaney Jones

Partner at AWH (Ryan), Founder of ShareImpact (Sheri)

Guest Bio

Ryan Frederick is a strategist, technologist, speaker, and author. Ryan is a partner at the technology consulting firm AWH and a strategy guide with the strategy consulting firm Simply Strategic. Ryan has written two books about starting and managing companies. He also speaks frequently about new technology, the future of work, and strategy.

Sheri Chaney Jones is the founder and president of SureImpact, a technology firm devoted to empowering mission-driven organizations to manage, measure, and communicate their unique social impact. For more than 20 years, Sheri Chaney Jones has applied performance management, evaluation, and organization behavior best practices to non-profit organizations and government agencies to improve outcomes and efficiencies. An author, researcher, and expert in social impact measurement, Sheri believes in data, metrics, and accountability.

Sheri is passionate about women’s equity and the advancement of girls. She is the Columbus Chapter President of the National Association of Women Business Owners and a Commissioner for the Columbus Women’s Commission for the Mayor’s Office.

Episode 09 featuring J.D. Whitlock

CIO at Dayton Children’s Hospital

Guest Bio

J.D. Whitlock has 25 years of experience in healthcare IT & analytics, hospital administration, practice management, and health plan management. He started in group practice management and managed care before transitioning into healthcare IT roles, where he has broad experience spanning government, vendor, and private sector provider organizations. J.D. is currently the CIO at Dayton Children’s, where he leads a team of 125 including Infrastructure & Operations, Cybersecurity, Project Management, Workday ERP, and Epic EHR supporting a $600M pediatric integrated delivery network. J.D. is retired from the Air Force Medical Service Corps. He holds an MPH in Health Policy and Management from UCLA, and an MBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia.

Episode 8 featuring Darren Baldwin

President of Pikus 3D

Guest Bio

Darren Baldwin is President of Pikus, a 3D concrete printer headquartered in Utah. After starting his career at Deloitte Consulting, he worked for the two largest concrete companies in North America, Lithko Contracting, LLC and Baker Concrete Construction. In addition, he has formed teams to launch early-stage tech-businesses, including a digital health company with products available on Apple iOS and Google Android. Launched in 2020, Pikus has created landscape architecture products for developers, Disney, NFL personas, and The Kennedy Center in D.C. Darren is married to his high school sweetheart and resides in Ohio with his 5 kids where he enjoys mountain biking and motorcycling for fun.

Episode 7 featuring Eric Snell

DevOps Manager at Midmark

Guest Bio

Eric Snell is the DevOps Manager for the Digital Ecosystem development teams at Midmark in 2019. With a passion to help others, he has spent the past 21 years in healthcare related organizations. Eric’s previous roles include Program Manager with CareStar (2019, Cincinnati, OH) leading a DevOps team and delivering the newest version of case management software for the State of Ohio; IT Director with VRI (2017, Franklin, OH) supporting remote client monitoring and introducing Agile development practices; and IT management within CareSource, the largest Medicaid provider in Ohio, (2012, Dayton, OH).

Episode 6 featuring Remie Cruz

Director of Innovation & Automation at Wright-Patt Credit Union

Guest Bio

Remie Cruz is the Director of Innovation & Automation at Wright-Patt Credit Union where she is responsible for guiding the organization through a transformative journey. She’s a results-driven, servant leader passionate about technology, rapid experimentation, and the creative process. Remie identifies well with her internal and external customers, keeping service excellence top of mind.

Episode 5 featuring Paul Powers

CEO & Founder of Physna & Thangs

Guest Bio

Paul Powers is the Founder & CEO of Physna & Thangs 3D, the industry leader in geometric search and 3D machine learning. Paul was listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2019, and is regularly featured in national and international media highlighting his perspective on the next generation of software and the growing role of 3D.

Episode 4 featuring Aaron Miller

Director of Business Strategy & Operations at Galois Inc.

Guest Bio

Aaron is an entrepreneur, investor, and leader in research, science and technology. As the Director Business Strategy and Operations at Galois, he has supported the development of multiple technology companies in the Dayton, Ohio area. Aaron has previously served in execution and leadership roles for program management, strategic planning, and research operations. He is truly inspired about how software can be built in completely different ways in the future.

Episode 3 featuring Amanda Eckmann

VP of Digital Transformation at Gravity+

Guest Bio

Amanda led the successful launch of an application to streamline COVID-19 test registrations as part of the Gravity Diagnostics technology team. She has a passion for entrepreneurship and business development, and has previously worked in healthcare and CPG. Amanda was recently tapped to launch the infrastructure and e-commerce technology for Gravity+. She continues to build the path forward for the product. Amanda is dedicated to closing gaps in the healthcare industry through digital transformation and innovation.

Episode 2 featuring Steve Worrell

CEO of Riverain Technologies

Guest Bio

Steve became CEO of Riverain Technologies in 2013 after joining Riverain as Vice President of Research in 2007. His primary focus has been developing, marketing, and commercializing Riverain’s X-ray and CT product lines. Riverain ClearRead solutions significantly improve a clinician’s ability to accurately and efficiently detect disease in thoracic (lung) CT and XR images and more successfully address the challenges of early detection of lung disease.

Episode 1 featuring Steve Binder

IT Manager at CareSource

Guest Bio

Steve Binder shares his career journey from starting work as a biomedical engineer, identifying and solving business needs with simple software solutions, then growing into a senior software developer and a leader of software development teams. He’s worked in multiple healthcare organizations, did a long stint with a successful tech startup, and served as a consultant. He shares his approach to confronting too many meetings and preserving culture with remote teams.

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