We pay Tech People to
connect Tech People to jobs.

We pay Tech People to
to connect Tech People to jobs.

The most talented technical professionals are increasingly relying on their own professional network to connect them to jobs.

So we've abandoned the bombardment of traditional recruiter solicitations. Instead we pay professionals who are practicing technology full-time to connect their peers to jobs in their spare time. 

For employers, peer referral means access to a unique pool of talent and better quality hires, screened by first-hand experience. Our exclusive membership of technical connectors enjoy lucrative payments for simple, but well-informed conversations with people they already know. We do away with recruiters, so the cost is the same for employers, but the results are very different.

Tech Professionals


You’re already doing it.  Why not get paid for it? Be a Connector!  Refer your friends, colleagues and even yourself to get paid like a recruiter when someone starts a new job.

Tech Employers


Hiring technical experts referred exclusively by full-time technical professionals means access to better talent and less wasted time.

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